Day 5…it was only a matter of time

It was always going to come to an end, boo! We awoke after a faultless sleep to…cloud…at least it wasn’t raining! We decided to have a day out, visiting Lanhydrock house and gardens ( and if given time onto the Camel valley vineyards for tasting and buying.

After a quick fry up for breakfast and a pack up of Bertie – we are getting this down to a tee, done and dusted in 10 minutes, we were on the road… and then..

Yes, rain! This was not going to ruin our day.

Lanhydrock house was lovely, yes it rained to begin with, but the house (now operated by the National Trust) was beautiful, over 90 rooms that have been kept as the Victorians used to live. In fact of all the country houses we have visited (and that’s quite a few!) the rooms were impeccable, and full of interesting little touches that made it feel as if it was really lived in.

The gardens too were extremely well maintained with huge Irish yew columns surrounding parterre full of roses:

Which at this time of year, to still be full of colour was amazing. The gardens extend around the garden and rise above it turning into woodlands with rhododendrons and magnolia trees abound. the views across the rest of the estate are beautiful (and the estate includes vast walks through woodland as well as cycle trails – if the weather was better, you could quite happily spend a full day here). I think we will come back here in the spring/summer, if only to see the garden in its full bloom (its so well maintained and well manicured, even at this time of year, that in the summer it will look beautiful)

As we left, I had calculated that we had just enough time to pay a visit to the camel Valley vineyards. This was only about 20 minutes away, and is home to the world renowned sparkling English wine that has taken on the champagne region and beaten it. They served this wine at the recent Prince Harry’s and Meghan wedding – its that good! (I’d tasted some before and was amazed at how good it was). So I persuaded by tee total wife that a quick detour to allow me a bit of tasting…and spending… would be a good idea.

Through very narrow lanes and private roads, and really in the middle of nowhere (I’d failed in the navigation a couple of times as it was so out of the way in the back of beyond!) we finally made it. It’s a lot smaller than I imagined, the vineyards look like they cover a huge area in the pictures, but its not that big really, and its hard to imagine the amount and breadth of wine that they can produce from the vines they have – At this time of the year, the vines are beginning to be put to sleep for winter, but the views from the tasting (yes I had a few tasters!) room and shop across the vines really does inspire you to part with your cash for some of the best English sparkling wine their is!

So we left with my wallet considerably lighter and 6 bottles of the best. back to the campsite and setup again in record time – we really are getting dab hands at this lark!!! Tonight was Chilli and Rice…Trish made a mean Chilli and we are now settling down, fully sated, ready for a last night in Bertie…..or is it!!