Day 4…and the sun just keeps on giving!

Well the night passed uneventfully, good night sleep had by all, and we woke to,…blissful sunshine again. Blue skies and not a cloud in site, to the extent that I got the camp chair and table out and sat in the sun with my coffee in my T-shirt while Trish got herself ready.

After much discussion, generally surrounding the amount of food we had both consumed, the idea of a bit of exercise came up on the agenda. With Padstow being at the beginning of the camel trail (a disused railway that has been turned into a cycle and walk way that goes all the way to Bodmin and beyond). So we thought we would hire a couple of bikes and have a cycle ride in the sunshine (obviously the fact that the camel trail is entirely flat was a big factor in our decision!).

So after a breakfast of egg and bacon sarnies (we were going to work it off anyway so its allowed!) we decided to once again trek into Padstow over the fields (again we figured the extra 2 miles of walking would also justify any cakes and lunches we may indulge in whilst on our ride!). The sun shone, not a cloud in the sky and I didn’t even put my jumper on! (packed obviously!! But it doesn’t seem to start getting cold until the sun goes down until about 4!).

We were soon at the padstow cycle hire shop on the front harbour deciding whether we wanted the sit up and go bikes or the mountain bikes….as we were intrepid cyclists with many hills to climb (Not!!)…we elected for the mountain bikes, with seats of concrete!!! More of that later

And off we set, at a blistering pace, leaving all other cyclists in our wake……not really, it was 5.5 miles to Wadebridge our destination, so we set off at a somewhat leisurely pace. The camel trail runs on past Wadebridge to the camel valley vineyard. A place I was keen to get to, so a 20 mile plus round trip…we were never going to get their and back…and leave enough time for all the sampling…oh well – another day maybe!). The trail was filled with everyone from random riders to tiny kids bombing along on little stabilizers!! I felt a bit sorry for the walkers as they were constantly bombarded on all sides by pesky cyclists.

The trail follows the estuary all the way to Wadebridge, a more scenic cycle way I have never seen:

Many take this pastime far too seriously, donned all in Lycra and luminous yellow…this wasn’t the Tour de France! We even had time to stop and take the obligatory photo of our bikes looking back to Padstow…just to prove to everyone that we had actually done some exercise on this trip!

5.5 miles later and we arrived at Wadebridge, an old small market town, that s is full of independent shops, very picturesque. We locked the bikes up and went for an amble along the lanes peering in shop windows and looking for somewhere for a spot of lunch (cycling is hard work!). A jacket potato for Trish and a ploughmans for me, with the largest slab of ham I’ve ever seen..later..I kid you not, I think they served me the entire pig!!! We now knew we had the 5.5 miles back to at least work off the lunch….

Off we set (it was getting a bit cooler now, and our open foresight meant we hadn’t packed gloves, so hands did not stand up well to the biting wind that assisted us due to the intense speeds we got up on our bikes!!!) and the more obligatory picturesque shots of the surrounding countryside (and my bike, just to prove we rode it!)

By the time we both made it back , we both decided that a cup of tea and cake was just reward for our efforts (that and it would help steel us for the walk back, which if you’ve been reading involved an awfully long…large..hill that we had to get up, in order to get back to the campsite). Unbeknownst to me…Trish was angling for another Cream tea! I have no idea where she puts it!! Cream tea over (and cake for me!!) and it was time for the walk back….

Now tucked up back in the van, dinner consumed (another one of those glorious inventions of the food van visiting the site!! This time steak and Cajun wedges…OMG the steak was to die for!) and plans for tomorrow are afoot…I think if I haggle enough with Trish….I may be able to wangle in a trip to the camel valley vineyard!!! At least I think we will both agree that we need someone that we can sit on comfy cushions…My backside is sore from that saddle!!!

When looking back…maybe tomorrows blog won’t dwell too much on food!!!