Day 3…OMG the Sun!

So last night was cosy tucked up in Bertie, vino flowed and nachos consumed…

And then trips to snooze land beckoned…although it got cold last night, freezing in fact!, woke to bright blue skies this morning and actually quite warm , warm enough in fact for me to ask the question “why didn’t I bring my shorts!”, OK…it wasn’t that warm , but definitely better than expected.

Hob on, Bacon sizzling ….mmmmm the smell of bacon in the morning is enough to wake the dead! Eggs added to the frying pan…and the best egg and bacon sarnie followed. Although this didn’t go exactly to plan. The Hob decided it didn’t want to light this morning. Think it was the cold, it took a fair amount of cooling and swearing I might add! Just to finally get it started…and that also entailed slightly burnt hairs on fingers as the residual gas decided it wanted to light as well!! Oh well, the best bacon and egg sarongs always tastes better with a slight whiff of burnt hair in the air

Today we decided that a trip to Port Isaac was on the cards, we’d visited before on our pilgrimage to see Doc Martins house from the ITV series (the whole thing is filmed in the village). Bertie pooled along the very narrow lanes at the control of Tricia (I was on navigation duty!) and took on all comers including a rather tight ford (the water sort!) at one point, but we arrived unscathed to glorious blue skies.

As you guessed it…another long downhill climb into the center of the village (I”m not eating as much as yesterday, otherwise I’ll never make it back up…). The village as I remembered it is very picturesque and full of tight lanes where houses are stacked higgledy-Piggledy on top of each other. A lunch in the sunshine of…..Pasty!!!! The first one of the holiday – OMG OMG I love Pasties!! So we sat and ate…and ate and then I promptly “rested my eyes” for a couple of minutes as we just let the world pass us by.

View from the Pasty eating bench

Before we left, it was time for a quick pint in “Als” bar, its a tiny pub in the heart of the village with lots of little corners and open fires. Again a time to watch all the dogs playing on the beach and just let work and all that other stuff called life go away.

Watching the world go by….

Time to get back to the campsite (via the big hill….) and settle in for hopefully a warmer night. Tonight the campsite has Fish and chips on offer (they have traveling food vans come by every night pretty much – damn fine idea if you don’t fancy cooking!), so looking forward to a slap up dinner and long snoozes.