Day 2…the story continues.

Well last night was eventful!…after the joy of getting all the bedding out, putting the bed down, putting the mattress topper on ( it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, a rib bed in a VW campervan is like sleeping on boards!), sheet on top – the single sheet seems to fit Ok, bit of stretch but works. And lovely duvet on top – we were all set for a comfy nights sleep

Good enough to sleep in…

OMG, were we not prepared for the howling wind that blew in off the Cornish coast. The van literally shook, whilst to begin with it was quite nice to be tucked up nice and warm as you were rocked to sleep, at 1:30 in the morning ( and a quick trip to the loo’s – too much vino for me!) it was time to bring the roof down so we could at least get a modicum of sleep.

No one tells you on any blog that when attempting to bring a pop top roof down, you have to really have the side door open – its all to do with vacuums and letting the air go out apparently..whilst I struggled thinking why is this not working, I could make out in the dark Trish thinking through what we had missed….Aaah the penny drops for both of us at the same time…door open….But its blowing a gale outside, hmmm.

Well a quick door opening, a quick yank down and suddenly blissful quiet as the wind seems to drop off and no more flap[ping on the canvas sides… bliss and a trip to snooze land.

We wake early ( well my excuse was I forget to change my watch last night! And the clocks went back – I was not popular with my fellow camper!!) to more wind! Trying to get up, washed and dressed in a campervan when the roof is down is not an easy task.., but the day beckons:

after a light…late! Breakfast of croissants, it was off for a walk into padstow to find somewhere for Sunday lunch. As usual the walk was across fields down into the town itself was cold and windy! However, the views across the fields of the camel estuary were astounding, this part of the world always makes me think of “big sky”.

However, whilst the fields trek was pretty level, their is always the inevitable “down” into the town itself, that’s not so bad, but we were both thinking…what goes down must come back, and preferably not with belly’s full of food…Oh well, we can worry about that later

What goes down….must come back with full Sunday roast inside them..

Lunch was found right on the harbor front, beautiful Sunday roast (pork for me and Beef for Trish)

After tearing ourselves away from the comfort of our lunch (and a rather nice glass of merlot!). We both felt the need to walk off a bit of our lunch and do a bit of exploring. Whilst many tourists hover round their picturesque harbour side of Pad”Stein” as some like to call it ( Theirs Rock Stein shops and eatery’s everywhere!!), we decided to go back behind the harbour and mooch around the small lanes that are so typical of Cornish villages, Tiny lanes and quaint houses abound as we meandered through the back lanes and did a broad circle back to the harbour….only to find ourselves faced with looking in the window of cough bakery…the 2018 world champions for Cornish Pasties!!! OMG we were thinking of food again….they did look good though! (Note to self…must pop back and pick some up!!!)

So…walking back into town, we both decided that a walk to the top of the hill overlooking the town was in order….maybe we could then justify that cream tea we were hankering after!..the views across the estuary again are astounding, and you can really walk for miles here

Now time to reward ourselves…!!!

That was soon polished off and it was a brisk walk….back up the hill (as forecast…it was a bit of a puff and seemed to go on forever!!) and back to Bertie.

Heater on, kettle on, hot chocolate and getting down to an evening…writing this! Radio on, cards out and wine opened.

Not as windy tonight, no rattling of the pop top roof…hmmm, think we may risk it and leave the roof up tonight ! Lol