Day 1

So…on the road at 6:47…what a time in the morning to start, we knew we had a good 5 hours of traveling ahead of us, so best to get on the road early and miss the traffic as much as possible.

Bertie is all packed up for 5 days of fun in Cornwall. Padstow is the destination and hopefully the weather holds, and the weathermen have been wrong all along about the impending drop in the temperature. The heater is going to get a good workout if they are true.

Drive down was uneventful…unless you count all seasons of weather experienced!

At one stage…sleet and snow rained down as we hit Cornwall. But that soon gave way to sun. In fact we spotted the gap in the clouds just over Padstow and headed for that, praying that it would stay over out little spot of heaven

Arrival at campsite has been uneventful. Must say staff and check in at Padstow touring park were extremely helpful with lots of information. First impression very good. It’s a bit quiet here, it is the last real week of camping…as the temperature has dropped to 5 degrees.

Campsite is very picturesque and impeccably clean. Toilet and shower block ( how to really gauge a good site!) are lovely, underfloor heating and spacious showers, No hopping around on one foot trying to get dressed!

Now for the setup…Trish was driving, the first challenge… the pitch wasn’t as level as I was hoping for, I.e. it wasn’t level at all!! Time to get the leveling blocks out for the first time. Trish driving, me directing, we ensured the window was down on the drivers side and that suitable instructions by both parties exchanged prior to maneuvering. This could turn into carnage very quickly…a quick look around to make sure no one was watching (hate to mess up on the first attempt) and Trish was off, slowly….perfectly in fact….we looked like real pros!!! Job done, spirit level checked… bang on the money…Now we have to do it every time we drive off and on the pitch.gulp!

First time – Professionals at work

now for the rest of the setup…First thing the electric, the joy of unwinding 25 meter cable…..and then thinking where to put it all! You end up just trying to tuck it under Bertie and hope you don’t trip over it and break your neck in the middle of the night!

Water next, I’m glad I brought the extra long hose, as now Bertie was on “stilts”, the little hose didn’t stretch!!!

Roof up, chairs turned, electric on, gas on..Bertie looks the part

Now for the mile walk into Padstow for lunch!… across the fields , wind blowing, definitely gloves and hat weather….but lunch in the harbor inn was well worth it. For me a gourmet burger and chips, Trish had the chilli – think we may go back tomorrow for Sunday lunch.

Walk back helped burn off the lunch as we were both stuffed to the gills. Views across the camel estuary from the footpath are to die for:

Now time to hunker down, have a glass of vino and call the boy at home to make sure he hasn’t burnt the house down!

I hope its not to windy tonight!…..